أهلاً وسهلاً

أهلاً وسهلاً

أهلاً وسهلاً أهلاً وسهلاً

Muhawarah Arabic Course

Learn today, speak tomorrow!



1) Speaking Arabic with confidence 

Here, at Al-Ahdaf Academy, learning Arabic IS speaking Arabic. You will be surprised how easy Arabic can be for you!

Our Muhawarah Course helps students to speak Arabic confidently, and it was specially designed to our daily conversation usage. 

Relevant language learning has become an important component of our Arabic language course. The Arabic textbooks used are in Singapore context, therefore making it applicable and enjoyable.

2) Understanding Arabic text. 

The goal of reading is to derive meaning.
Without comprehension, reading Arabic loses its very purpose. It will be simply following words on a page from right to left while sounding them out. 

Our Muhawarah Course helps students to achieve that, as well as other aspects of reading, such as fluency and word recognition. This enables them to explain in their very own words what the text is about with confidence.


  • You are passionate about understanding the Arabic language.
  • You are able to commit once a week through out the course.
  • You intend to pursue a deeper study of the Arabic language.
  • Your child is in Madrasah and you want to assist them in their studies. 
  • You plan to travel to or will be stationed at an  Arabic-speaking country.
  • You find yourself regularly liaising with Arabic-speaking clients.
  • You are currently studying Arabic and need more opportunities to apply it to boost your conversational skills.
  • You have basic Arabic conversational skills and want to develop these skills further
  • You have already experienced a similar course but have lost touch and would like to get back up to speed.
  • You want to be able to understand Quran and Arabic text. 
  • This is a fantastic opportunity for you and we are delighted to be able to present this.



  •  16 years old and above
  •  able to recognise the different letters and sounds of the Arabic alphabets
  •  able to read simple Arabic sentences
  •  zero Arabic knowledge or writing ability required.
    (Check the PDF file below to be sure)  


  • have basic Arabic conversational skills.
  • able to introduce yourself briefly in simple Arabic. 
  • able to construct basic sentences daily verbs with pronouns such as (Ana, Nahnu, Anta/anti, Huwa/Hiya). 
  •  able to count to 100 in Arabic. 
  •  able to describe simple objects using tastes, colours, shapes and sizes. 
  •  able to ask and answer questions. 


  • You are to complete the intermediate level.  

Additional information*


  • Must be above 15 years old
  • Classes are conducted in English
  • Class is formed with every eight student to facilitate ample interaction.
  • Class setting will be in U-Shape, segregated seating between Men and Women.  
  • Certificates will be given upon completion of each level.  
  • Seats will only be secured after payment is made.   
  • E-receipt will be given after payment is made. 
  • Class recording will be available as an alternative if all available lessons were missed 

Our Language Instructors

Mustafa Altahir (East Branch)


Mustafa Altahir, founder of Al-Ahdaf Academy is a Singaporean of Yemeni origin.

He graduated from Al-Azhar University of Egypt and attended The American University of Cairo for Translation (Arabic-English).

He also attended Dar Almustafa, Tareem, Yemen and Darul Lughah in Indonesia. 

He has started an Arabic language club, a platform to practice the language in Singapore

Hamzah Nordin (Woodlands branch)

To be updated soon 

Hafiz Azman (Woodlands branch)

To be updated soon 


For shift workers, alternative lesson will be under the same Instructor

Fee & Discounts


Tampines Classroom (12 students)

Leads Education Centre
Hdb Block 929 #01-439
Tampines Street 91,
Singapore 520929
5 mins walk from Tampines West mrt Exit B

Woodlands Classroom (13 students)

Primz Bizhub, 21 Woodlands Cl, Singapore 737854

10 mins walk from Admiralty Mrt Station

Bugis Classroom (12 students)

Smart Excel

734 North Bridge Rd, #02-02, Singapore 198702 

(going up stairs to 2nd level) 

5 mins walk from Bugis Mrt

1 min walk from Masjid Sultan

Fill up the form and secure your seat